Ling Eng

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Hairstylist and Colorist

  • 30 years experience as a Hairstylist and Colorist
  • American Board Certified Master Hair Colorist since 1996
  • Evaluator for American Board Certified Master Hair Colorist from 1996 to present
  • Certified Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Specialist
  • Believes in continuing education - at least 2-4 times per year to pursue the latest techniques and knowledge, traveling to different cities in the U.S. and Canada. In the near future will plan to go to Europe to attend classes to keep
    updated with the latest fashion trends
  • Ling has a great passion for fashion through hair cutting & color. She also mentors individuals to prepare for master haircolor exam.
  • Ling has been mentored by the world’s top colorists and hair stylists such as Yosh Toya, Sam Villa, Tom Dispenza and many others.

Ling was born and raised in the metropolitan island country of Singapore. She started attending a special art school for gifted art students at the age of 10 and then later graduated from Teacher’s Training College in Singapore with an emphasis in Art Education. Afterward, she taught Chinese as a second language and also art in a Singapore Elementary School. Having a great passion for design and color; after moving to the United States, she sought out hair styling and color as a canvas for blending her artistic talents and background as an educator.

For the past 30 years, Ling has been and still is active with several hairstyling organizations such as the International Haircolor Exchange, American Board Certified Master Hair Colorist and Behind the Chair. Ling is a former member of Intercoiffure USA as a means to continuously hone her art.

Ling believes that great teachers are also always students by striving to learn more and to perfect their skills. At least 2 - 4 times a year Ling pursues the latest techniques and advances by attending classes in order to share the most up-to-date knowledge and experience with her clients. Ling attends private classes all over the USA and Canada such as Behind the Chair Color Shows, Energizing Hair Color Summit, Color USA, Canadian Hair Show, International Hair Color Exchange, Redken Symposium, International Beauty Show, Midwest Hair Show and Premiere Orlando Hair Show. She also attends classes from world renowned colorists and hair stylists including Yosh Toya, Sam Villa, David Velesco, Beth Minardi, Nick Arrojo, Tom Dispenza, Andre Nizetich, Martin Parsons, Gina Kahn, David Stiko and Dee Levine. Ling also travels to Canada to train with the top European Colorists and Stylists. She also plans to go to Europe in the near future to learn and train.

Ling feels blessed to have many loyal clients which have become friends that come from Paris, Madrid, Hong Kong and Dubai as well as from various areas in the United States including New York, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Iowa, Charleston and many cities in Florida along with our neighboring states.

In addition to hairstyling and being a colorist, Ling has other artistic interests that include gardening, flower arranging, china painting, water color, sewing, knitting, gourmet cooking, and ballroom dancing. Ling also volunteers at the Botanic Gardens and The Orpheum. When she is not doing something artistic, she enjoys spending time with her precious family which includes her husband Baldwin, her two sons anddaughters-in-law, and her most delightful and adorable grandchildren.

Ling Eng, hairdresser

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