Roy Evans


  • Hairdresser for 41 years
  • Research and Development, 37 years
  • Chosen as one of top colorists in U.S., Vogue editorial
  • Teaches hair color design and the science of color for hairdressers in 20+ countries
  • Developed patents in all chemical systems-permanent wave systems, relaxing systems, shampoo systems, reconstruct systems, styling systems (mousses, gels, sprays, waxes); developed first ever non-ammonia color system to achieve multi-level lifting, bleaching, and toning in one step; complete cover of grey without bays or heat and in less time than conventional systems; this is also the first system with the lowest inventory available to colorists yet achieves all forms of coloring-no-lift, low-lift, standard lift, high-lift. The only system to also lift color on color.
  • Patented in European countries and U.S.
  • Roy Evans is the only hairdresser to ever hold patents nationally and internationally for all chemically based systems for hair care.
  • Mr. Evans owns New Beginnings by Roy Evans with a staff of 30 and is actively coloring and styling in his salon.










roy evans

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